Cost of Attendance

How Much Does College Cost?

The cost of attendance (sometimes called COA) refers to the average amount a full-time student can expect to spend while enrolled at American River College over a nine-month period. Students may not foresee all of the expenses involved in attending college, and exact cost depends on factors such as housing status and residency.

Though students must determine a budget that meets their needs, the following is the annual estimated COA.

2018-19 Award Year COA

Expense Living with parents Living off-campus
Enrollment Fees ($46 per unit, full-time) $1,242 $1,242
Books/Supplies $1,918 $1,918
Room/Board $5,418 $13,778
Miscellaneous/Personal $3,258 $2,996
Transportation $1,250 $1,250
Total $13,086 per year $21,184 per year